1996 director's message

Yes, NCCC’96 is now history. The 1996 conference was held on the beautiful campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma from July 31 through August 2. The conference seems to have been a big success, according to those who participated in it.

Most of the conference participants stayed at the full-service OSU Hotel, managed by university staff and located in the Student Union building. If there were any complaints about the lodging offered by the Student Union Hotel, people were keeping it to themselves. There were several compliments at check-out.

People began arriving in Stillwater on Monday, the 29th, when the NCCC Steering Committee gathered to make final preparations for the conference and to discuss future plans. Also meeting with the Steering Committee was Wayne Leroy, the Executive Vice President of the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA). Mr. Leroy and the committee discussed ways in which the two groups might cooperate in future endeavors.

NCCC’96 was kicked off in grand style with the Early Registration and Welcome Reception in the French Lounge of the Student Union. Everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy the opportunity to ease into the conference with this social event. It was a great time to meet new people and renew past acquaintances.

The conference General Sessions and Workshops were held in the CITD Building.

Also held in the Center for International Trade and Development Building were most other activities, such as the Vendor Program on Thursday, August 1, and the Full Breakfast With Speaker on Friday, the final day of the conference.

Year after year, the National Collegiate CADD Conference is known as one of (if not the ) hardest-hitting, intense, jam-packed, informative, professional-network-expanding, brain-cell-demanding, physically-exhausting conferences in the nation. In other words, you might want to choose another conference to attend if you just want to take a mini-vacation. But if you want to gain knowledge about the use of Computer-Aided Drafting and Design systems and related applications and how they are being implemented, maintained, and utilized by university and college facilities planning, design, management, and maintenance groups around the nation, then this is the conference for you.

Well, this year we decided to take it to another level. It was decided to wear people down to a complete frazzle but do it in such a way that people would leave Oklahoma glad to have been drug through the week. If we were to be successful in our somewhat devious plan, however, we knew the conference needed to be fun.

"But how can we successfully pull it off?" we questioned. "How can we get people to stay and feel good about being further abused on the final day of the conference?"

It would be a daunting task. We all knew it. But we also knew it had to be done.

"Our reputation is on the line!" one exclaimed.

"But we were supposed to have at least one more year to plan for this," someone chimed in.

The room was eerily quiet as some looked at others, while others looked at the floor. Suddenly, the silence was broken by one who bolted out of his chair and shouted, "I’ve got it! Let’s feed them! And let’s have music!"

"That’s an idea!" exclaimed another.

"But how and where?" one immediately questioned.

"Hey!" shouted one excitedly. "Let’s take them out into the country! Let’s find a barn somewhere!"

And so, the plan was formulated. And as the scheme developed, the evening became known as the Western Night Bar-B-Q.

Finally, after reviewing the conference you may want to read my closing comments as the NCCC'96 conference director.

A hearty thanks to all those who made this year’s conference a success ...

My management:

  • Jeff Stewart (Boss)
  • John Houck (Boss Squared)
  • V.P. Harry Birdwell (Boss to the Third Power).

The Steering Committee Members for all their support.

OSU Student Union Hotel staff for taking care of our guests while on campus.

OSU Meeting Services for the logistical support and meal catering.

OSU Audio-Visual Services for coordinating all that stuff.

The NCCC’96 Staff - Linda, Marneth, Jennifer, Barbara, Sheryl, Holly, Tony, Sean, Orlando, Tim, my wife Melveta, son Joshua, son Lynn Jr., and daughter Charissa.

All the vendors who made the Vendor Program a success.

And, of course, those of you who made the trip to Stillwater to take part in the Seventh National Collegiate CADD Conference.