1998 keynote address - summary

Robert C. Schulz , Principal Architect
Office of the Chancellor
California State University System
Coordinated Information Management Systems

The design and construction of a university project is one long process of accumulating detailed information about your new facility. The information builds in detail and concentration throughout the design process, and expands even further during construction. There are at least two major difficulties with current information systems. One is finding a particular piece of information, months or years later. Two is that most of this data never survives the project close-out.

Mr. Schulz presented the details of a Coordinated Information Management System, which can build a project database throughout these phases and can ...

  • Offer the owner increased oversight and control during development.
  • Capture the project information stream for ongoing maintenance and future improvement projects.
  • Use Internet and Web Technologies to enhance project communications.
  • Integrate all project participants into a common electronic workgroup.
  • Develop a dynamic project record/history of construction decisions.