2002 director's message

The theme of the 2002 National Collegiate CADD Conference was "Situation Preparedness." The particular definition of situation referred to here is "a critical or problematic combination of circumstances." The thrust of the Conference was the examination of how electronic technology can facilitate these preparations. Our keynote speaker and breakout session speakers discussed methods of using CADD, GIS, and other forms of electronic technology to create plans for various "critical or problematic combinations of circumstances." We had a wide range of local expertise to draw upon for speakers at these sessions.

Our speakers discussed technology that could be used to prepare plans for natural disaster situations and provided insight to help avoid the manmade disaster situation of poor construction document control. Attendees had the opportunity to explore hardware and software solutions of archival/retrieval, scanning, CAD and GIS, to name a few.

Our vendors were chosen because of their ability to provide hardware and software that was relevant to this task. Some vendors made presentations, set up displays, and offered sponsoring opportunities.

The National Collegiate CADD Conference is fully committed to fulfilling our need to network effectively with our peers. To facilitate this communication, we scheduled breakout sessions devoted to various "Round-Table" and "ask the CAD Manager" topics for discussion. Everyone could attend the Round-table discussion of most interest. My hope is that each attendee left this year’s conference, taking with them new knowledge of how to better manage their institution with today’s technology.

The Pacific Northwest and the city of Seattle are an area of great scenic beauty, with a summer climate to match. Attendees enjoyed campus tours, a festive Northwest Coast Native American stage show, and dinner. The Northwest Coast Native American stage show and dinner held on Thursday evening were the high point of conference entertainment. Conference participants and their guests cruised by boat to Tillicum Village on Blake Island. The 4-hour adventure included a harbor cruise, an award-winning traditionally baked salmon dinner, a magical stage production, arts & crafts demonstrations, and an opportunity to share in the island beaches, wildlife, and breath taking views.

See you at the next conference!

Minnie Johnson
University of Washington