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ACAD-Plus is a full-service firm specializing in CAD productivity software and services in the Facilities Management (FM) industry. ACAD-Plus is distinguished for its expertise in Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) and Engineering Document/Drawing Management (EDM) solutions. ACAD-Plus developed the FAMIS AutoCAD Interface/FMG-Plus, the most powerful and flexible solution for linking your AutoCAD drawings to your FM database. ACAD-Plus is also a premier Solutions Partner for Cyco's AM-Meridian, focusing on the unique EDM challenges in the university FM environment. ACAD-Plus also provides "as-built" field verification and drafting services, having documented more than 200M square feet of facilities worldwide.
APPA has nearly 4,500 learning institutions throughout the United States, Canada, and other countries around the world. Universities and colleges comprise the largest segment of membership, with most four-year U.S. institutions represented. APPA member institutions and organizations are represented by vice presidents for facilities, directors of physical plants, associate directors, facilities administrators, and managers of a variety of specific facilities operations, such as construction, grounds, utilities, engineering, maintenance, housing, project management, and many others. APPA is the association of choice for educational facilities professionals.
ARCHIBUS, Inc. is the #1 global provider of Total Facilities and Infrastructure Management (TIFM) solutions. Its flagship product, ARCHIBUS/FM, is a powerful suite of integrated applications that links information on educational institutions’ people, processes, places, and physical assets. This includes tracking space usage for chargeback purposes, strategic planning, and indirect cost recovery for research grants, as well as managing asset inventory and maintenance, plus much more.
ARCHIBUS/FM is integrated with AutoCAD® products and is fully Web-enabled. More than 3 million people worldwide use ARCHIBUS/FM to manage more than 1.4 million buildings and nearly 16 billion square feet. Clients in the educational sector include large research universities, dormitory authorities, public and private colleges, and school districts. Available in more than 130 countries, ARCHIBUS/FM is supported by 1,600+ trained partners.
Autodesk - Businesses want better tools to make informed decisions about the space they occupy and the facilities they operate. In an environment of tighter budgets and fewer human resources, facility professionals need to quickly produce answers for senior management who want to support their business more effectively.
Autodesk FMDesktop provides facility professionals with significant facilities-related cost savings, giving them greater influence and personal credibility. Reduce vacancy rates and provide for your changing facility needs with Autodesk FMDesktop. Real-time reports and accurate insight into available and used space give facility professionals the information they need to make better decisions faster. Easy to install and use, Autodesk FMDesktop provides facilities professionals with significant facilities-related cost savings, giving them greater influence and personal credibility.
Computerized Facility Integration has provided consulting and information technology services to a host of public and private clients since 1990.  They focus on facilitly management and corporate real estate, with more than 600 million sq.ft. of client facilities solutions deployed.  Their goal is to leverage technology, which optimizes facilities, lowers transaction costs, benchmarks key indicators, and eliminates maintenance of costly systems.
eQuorum Corporation develops, delivers, and supports solutions for managing, electronically distributing, and printing facilities, engineering, and business documents (including native CAD files) within an organization and its affiliates, customers, and vendors.
eQuorum solutions are used worldwide in a variety of industries, including facilities, manufacturing, utilities, architecture, engineering, construction, and numerous government agencies.
eQuorum is headquartered in Atlanta GA, where it focuses on software development and product support. eQuorum’s primary sales and marketing channels are through partnerships with major hardware and software resellers within its core industries.
With annual sales of more than $610 million, ESRI remains the world leader in the geographic information system (GIS) software industry. Its business involves the development and support of GIS software for all types of organizations—from the one-person office to multinational corporations to innovative Internet GIS solutions.

FAMIS Software, Inc. is the developer of FAMIS, an Integrated Workplace Management System designed by facilities management experts FOR facilities management experts. FAMIS unites all aspects of your facilities management into one, fully adaptable system. With the help of FAMIS, your entire facilities life cycle is managed by a single suite of software, transforming your facilities management organization into a fully collaborative environment where employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, and partners all work as one. FAMIS provides your organization with the state-of-the art systems that will keep you agile through changing business environments, market conditions, and global technologies. The result is a dramatic increase in your competitive advantage, with a hard, quantifiable ROI. The best and the brightest use FAMIS.

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FMLink is a comprehensive, online facilities management publication. It includes news, survey data, events calendars, recent and pending regulations, best practices, sustainability, checklists, magazine articles from many FM publications, discussion forums, a job mart, links to most other FM-related web sites, vendor directories, and much more to support facilities professionals in their jobs. Free access through http://www.fmlink.com .
FM:Systems, Inc. provides integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) that help facilities and real estate professionals deliver better customer service, reduce costs, and improve the productivity of the entire organization.
Customers take advantage of FM:Systems’ web-based applications to improve facilities and space management, real estate and portfolio management, and maintenance management. Technology strengths – including seamless, direct CAD integration and powerful forecasting and planning tools – give customers greater control over daily operations and an unmatched ability to manage change. By developing lean, agile software, FM:Systems provides flexible, easy-to-use solutions that offer rapid implementation and deliver a high return on investment.
Many of the world’s leading organizations rely on FM:Systems solutions, such as Bellsouth, Cendant, Computer Associates, Devon Energy, Federal Aviation Administration, GMAC Financial Services, Lockheed Martin, NASD, Northwestern University, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Progress Energy, Target Stores, and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.
FM:Systems is headquartered in Raleigh NC and conducts business in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. For more information about FM:Systems, call 1-800-648-8030.
Gridlogix is the recognized leader in delivering XML web services solutions to the building automation industry. Its EnNET software framework enables universities to securely integrate building automation systems into their asset/facilities management applications and throughout the enterprise. Universities can achieve total operational control and dramatically reduce operational cost of systems like HVAC and lighting as well as fine-tune their operations to manage peak power demands and energy costs. The EnNET framework provides universities with real-time information about their assets and equipment to provide status monitoring, proactive maintenance, environmental monitoring, up-time and usage tracking, and consumable replenishment.
IMAGINiT Technologies specializes in providing software and services for vocational, technical, engineering, and animation programs for K-12, post-secondary community and technical colleges and universities. IMAGINiT Technologies is certified as the largest Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC) partner in North America.
IMAGINiT offers individualized solutions, teacher training programs, workshops, stand-alone and network installation services, technical support, and a comprehensive offering of Autodesk products.
Indus Systems, Inc. provides complete CAD “as-built” drawing services, field verifications, drawing update services, a computerized facility management system (CAFM), and facilities information database development services (coupled with facilities drawings). Applications include iDrawings™, a feature-filled, simple-to-use, secure web-based facility management system. iDrawings™ has a variety of easy-to-use modules that include space management, facility asset management, employee information management, facility infrastructurem and maintenance management.

INSITE ™ founders, starting in 1966 at MIT, pioneered the development of INSITE™, the world’s first space, asset, and indirect cost management system. With continuous development over 40 years by practicing facilities managers, INSITE™ is a comprehensive suite of intelligent solutions for planning, allocating, and managing physical assets; providing federal and state indirect cost recovery calculations; meeting GASB 34 depreciation requirements; and uniquely providing built-in business rules to comply with government-mandates including the 2006 FICM area rules. Net-FM™ is the web-enabled INSITE™ suite with enhanced space and asset functionalities, including certified field-level data security. Transfer of Net-FM™ technology and expertise to effectively implement it is via a nonprofit international consortium founded by MIT in 1973 and now managed exclusively by the INSITE organization. Some of the world's leading institutions are members of the INSITE Consortium. They enjoy competitive advantages such as no capital cost to purchase, distribution and support of Net-FM™ via a nonprofit consortium, nominal implementation and support fees, decades of FM staff expertise, a development history longer than any known competitor in the world, holder of a coveted GSA contract for servicing state and federal agencies, and the only floor plan system requiring no polylines for FICM or BOMA area database links while providing such polylines for AutoCAD drawings.

JumpStart Wireless BusinessSuite products link facility management departments and their office-bound software to mobile staff members performing tasks in the field. BusinessSuite applications allow companies to eliminate paper work orders, inspection forms, time sheets, punch lists, and daily reports. Work dispatched and field data collected are quickly and automatically integrated with existing applications from leading facility management software firms like Maximus and TMA. Wireless capabilities like disconnected operation, security, device independence, and centralized management are automatically part of every BusinessSuite application. BusinessSuite applications are cost effective, easy to use, and easy to deploy. BusinessSuite can also include GPS location services, bar code reading, and printing in the field. BusinessSuite runs on a wide variety of networks using cell phones and other wireless handhelds.
Mapcom Systems is the creator of the M4® Solutions software suite, the first completely open Geographical Operations System (GOS) software for telecommunications companies that links planning and mapping data directly with asset, customer, and service information. Unlike other programs, M4® integrates with every ODBC database and will integrate with any CAD and billing system, creating a seamless repository for plant and customer information.
Facilities management software solutions from MAXIMUS enable institutions of higher education to streamline operations, maximize resource utilization, improve service delivery, and achieve substantial cost savings. FacilityMAX™ from MAXIMUS combines groundbreaking technology, an ultra-lightweight J2EE-compliant architecture, and rich functionality to deliver a powerful and relevant business solution.
Established in 1985, Mid-West CAD is an experienced integrator of CAD engineering services for Kansas and Missouri design professionals. As an Autodesk® Premier Solutions Provider, Mid-West CAD provides a wide variety of productivity-boosting products and services, including consulting, software and hardware installation, training, and technical support. As an Autodesk® Authorized Training Center, Mid-West CAD provides customized and classroom training taught by Autodesk Certified Experts to ensure customers’ maximum productivity, competitive business advantage, and return on investment.
Missouri Preservation, known formally as the Missouri Alliance for Historic Preservation , is Missouri's only statewide, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, supporting, and coordinating historic preservation activities throughout the state. Missouri Preservation is committed to preserving Missouri's irreplaceable resources through networking, education, recognition, and advocacy. Missouri Preservation's mandate is to protect the irreplaceable historic places and to make historic preservation a cornerstone of Missouri's public policy and planning agenda for the 21st Century.
The National Trust for Historic Preservation is a private, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to protecting the irreplaceable. Recipient of the National Humanities Medal, the Trust was founded in 1949 and provides leadership, education, advocacy, and resources to save America’s diverse historic places and revitalize communities. Its Washington DC headquarters staff, six regional offices, and 28 historic sites work with the Trust’s quarter-million members and thousands of local community groups in all 50 states.
The Midwest Office of the National Trust is based in Chicago IL in the historic Monadnock Building. The Wisconsin Field Office in Mineral Point serves the small communities and rural locations in that state. The staff of the Midwest Office work closely with our statewide and local partners in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin to provide a wide range of preservation services, including general information, strategic planning, guidance on best practices, financial assistance, and advocacy on state, local, and national preservation issues. For more information, please contact the Midwest Office at 312-939-5547.
Open Archive Systems , established in 1994, is a software developer and solutions integrator for both office and engineering environments. As a specialist in imaging solutions, Open Archive represents best-of-breed products, including its echive Series, REnew Series, and Connectors for eCopy in addition to GTX and Spicer. Solutions include document management and publishing, electronic archiving, raster editing, conversion to CAD, and imaging tools to edit, split, merge, repair, and rename common image and barcode files. Request information at [email protected] or call 603-890-9980.
The Society for College and University Planning ( SCUP ), established in 1965, is a collegial community dedicated to sharing, learning, and teaching best practices in planning for colleges and universities.
SCUP takes a holistic view of planning. As its name implies, it embraces the full spectrum of planning functions at a postsecondary institution, including but not limited to academic, campus or master facilities, budgeting and financial resources, infrastructure, and strategic.
Williams-Stackhouse, Inc. has been providing photogrammetric mapping and related services for more than 46 years (since 1960). This includes low-altitude aerial photography, ground control surveys, digital image scanning, high-resolution color digital orthophotos, and large-scale engineering-grade digital mapping products used in developing GIS databases.
Headquartered in San Antonio TX, the company has performed work throughout the United States (in more than 30 states) and Latin America. It has successfully completed many large-scale mapping projects including entire cities and counties as well as a variety of university campuses, military installations, and industrial complexes.
Woolpert, Inc. , ranked by ENR as a top national design firm, provides professional planning, landscape architectural, architectural, engineering, geospatial, and related consulting services to higher education clients throughout the country. Founded in 1911, Woolpert’s innovative design approach and commitment to the creative application of technology has continually helped its clients solve facility and management issues on their campuses.
Woolpert’s integrated approach to campus planning looks at the campus as a whole from academic planning through comprehensive campus planning and through to design and implementation with fiscal responsibility woven throughout.