April 1, 2008

The National Collegiate CADD Conference, Inc. Reorganizes

Corporate officials of The National Collegiate CADD Conference, Inc., the parent organization of the National Collegiate FM Technology Conference (NCFMTC), announced today the completion of the first stage of reorganization efforts. The reorganization was authorized by members at their 2007 annual meeting last August at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The not-for-profit organization, formed in 1998 to carry on the business of sponsoring what was then known as the National Collegiate CADD Conference, recently filed legal papers to change its name to "Campus FM Technology Association." The renaming is the first step toward establishing the organization as a new association of institutions and professionals who develop, manage, and apply the use of technology in facilities-related activities in campus settings.

According to Lynn Hazelbaker, Manager of the Office of Facilities Information at Oklahoma State University and the current association president, the reorganization will allow the association’s appeal to continue to grow and will allow the organization to open its door of service to a broader constituency. Once the reorganization is complete, both institutional and individual association memberships will be offered to those with interests in various facets of facilities planning and FM (Facilities Management) related activities.

“For a long time we’ve wanted to do more to serve the needs of our constituents and go beyond being an organization that found most of its identity merely in sponsoring a sole conference once a year,” said Hazelbaker. “It became apparent to us that to do more would require us to change the way we operate. To expand our services we must find ways to grow, improve our financial structure, and broaden our appeal.

“While our plan is to provide even better services to our historical constituency that presently includes mainly institutions of higher education, we also intend to market our organization to serve the needs of primary and secondary school systems; State or community-run vocational technical schools; military installations; national, State, and municipal institutions; hospitals; and other non-profit organizations, such as churches and museums.”

Corporate officials presently are working toward completing the reorganization and hope to announce the start of a membership drive by the time of the group’s next conference at the University of Southern California in August 2008. See for more information on the Association.

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