Executive Board and Corporate Leadership

The Corporate leadership consists of a 5 member board of directors. The Board is responsible for conference planning, overseeing the affairs of the non-profit corporation, and building relationships with other organizations in order to facilitate education and sharing of various technologies used in developing and managing college and university facilities. The board is served by 3 officers who administer the day to day activities of the corporation. In July 2007 the position of executive director was established by the board to assist the board and officers in conference planning and developing relationships with other organizations.

Lynn Hazelbaker

Lynn Hazelbaker
Corp. President, CEO
Board Member
Oklahoma State University

Don Uchman
Corp. Secretary
Board Member
University of Michigan

Clyne Curtis
Corp. Treasurer
Board Member
Brigham Young University

Scott Shader
Executive Director
Univ. of Massachusetts
Medical School

Kristina Seyer Smith
Board Member
Stanford University

Lola Van Wyk
Board Member
Iowa State University