CADD Conference changes name and expands focus.

August 22, 2005

The Board of Directors for the National Collegiate CADD Conference (NCCC) recently announced that future conferences will be known as the National Collegiate FM Technology Conference (NCFMTC).

According to Donald T. Uchman, Jr., from the University of Michigan and President of the NCCC, the conference's not-for-profit parent organization, "In recent years, topics and interest in the NCCC have reflected that what we do as a constituency is not just about CADD any more.  The name change acknowledges the changes that already have been taking place at our conferences."

For the past several years, many discussions and presentations at the yearly conferences have focused on the work of implementing geographical information systems (GIS) and computer-assisted facilities management systems (CAFM), as well as the use of modern technologies in managing emergency preparedness, work control, and preventive maintenance programs.  The expanding use of web interfaces for performing facilities management, electronic document management, and other topics related to the use of current technology also have been addressed.

"We will still offer support for CADD-related services, but this name change will allow us to continue to expand both our appeal as a conference and our ability to serve as a facilitator for expanding the use of technology to meet the demanding needs of managing educational facilities in ways that go far beyond the design and construction of buildings and mapping of campuses," said Mr. Uchman.

From its inception, the NCCC was founded to provide a structure for the exchange of ideas and information regarding the use of technology in managing the physical facilities of higher education institutions.  The name change is meant to enable the conference to expand its service to its constituents well into the future as technologies continue to emerge and mature.