Steering Committee

The NCCC, Inc. was established by the Steering Committee. The committee is is made up of representatives of past conference host schools. The Steering Committee maintains the leadership structure and bylaws of the not-for-profit corporation. From members of this committee, an Executive Board (board of directors) is elected each year by the Steering Committee.
Present members of the Steering Committee are ...

  • Robert Boes, Mass. Institute of Technology
  • Charles Bowler, University of Maryland
  • Brian Brinkmann, University of Missouri - Columbia
  • Jimmy Brown, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
  • Clyne Curtis, Brigham Young University
  • Jose Delgado, University of Southern California
  • Jeremy Durst, The Ohio State University
  • Scott Friend, Michigan State University
  • Art Glick, Texas Tech University
  • Tim Hansel, Indiana University
  • Lynn E. Hazelbaker Sr., Oklahoma State University
  • Minnie Johnson, University of Washington
  • Keith Moore, Purdue University
  • Kristina Seyer-Smith, Stanford University
  • Donald T. Uchman Jr., University of Michigan
  • Lola Van Wyk, Iowa State University