Having been involved with the NCCC since its inception in 1990, I have come to understand that the gathering has value that goes far beyond the world of computers and CADD. Certainly, the conference provides immediate and relevant knowledge about the practical application of CADD in the university environment, and it has been of great value to me and my staff for illuminating the pitfalls of deploying one technology or the direct benefits of deploying another through the shared wisdom of its members.
The conference is also a tremendous catalyst for networking with that select group of folks that share all of the functions and responsibilities of our domain. For me, one of the most enlightening aspects of the annual NCCC gathering is the opportunity each conference provides to view the workings of another university's facilities plant and operations first hand. It's worth the money for this insight alone, and the knowledge we've gained from our attendance has saved our department countless dollars and countless months of trial and error. I highly endorse this conference for anyone who is responsible for CADD or GIS in any university.
David Stockson, Manager, Architectural Services
Plant Extension - AEC, University of Michigan

At these conferences (8 of 12), I have had the opportunity to expand my networking across the US and Canada. This network has provided me with valuable information and suggestions that have helped save our institution money and avoid many problems regarding our CAD/GIS and other mapping programs.
Frank Raymond, Mapping Coordinator
Penn State University

Oklahoma State University's participation in the National Collegiate CADD Conference has been most worthwhile. Our representative to the Conference has found it to be a valuable source for information from others whose work, goals, and objectives are similar to ours.
One can always read the trade magazines and journals to learn of advances in the field of computerized facilities management. However, getting the true story regarding what works and what doesn't is possible only through interaction with one's peers. The NCCC fills this need.
Jeff Stewart, Director
Engineering and Utilities - Physical Plant
Oklahoma State University

What began in a small way among a close circle of friends linked by only the common interest of embracing the emerging technologies of CADD in higher education facilities management in the late 1980s has seemingly grown well beyond their perceived dreams! So much for the 19th Century prose!
Bottom line, friends. CADD is here. CADD is now. You must add CADD to your management tool bag for the successful operation of your facilities. For my money, the best knowledge base out there is the National Collegiate CADD Conference 2002 (July 30 - August 2, 2002). I endorse it. I support it. I wholeheartedly recommend it!
John D. Houck, P.E.
Co-Founder - NCCC

I have attended the conference since 1996. It has been a great opportunity to network with people that are doing the same job. It's not like those big conferences, like Autodesk University, where you get lost in the networking. Each year I have learned a little bit that helps me do my job better. It is hard to start a project from scratch, but when you can learn from the people who have already done it, it makes your job that much easier.
Gina Uria, CAD Manager
Southeastern Louisiana University